About Us

LUMS Energy institute was inaugurated in November 2018 with the main purpose of introducing sustainable policies and innovative technologies in reducing the energy crisis in the country. To reduce this crisis, a need to develop alternative energy sources including renewable energy is significant. Pakistan is already utilising hydroelectric power and has a number of projects underway including Dasu and Diamer-Bhasha. It is also essential to include wind and solar power resources to accommodate the increasing demand of electricity. However, both wind and power are dependant on weather patterns and are geologically located with variant capacities. Moreover, there is significant capital required to finance renewable energy generation.

The mission of the LUMS Energy Institute is to carry out interdisciplinary research, development and capacity building in power and energy planning, renewable energy technologies, and grid modernization. Research regarding short, medium and long term forecasting of energy demand has been conducted including generation of solar and wind energy and further integration of such renewable energy in the already developed industrial and agricultural sector. Furthermore research on reduction of load on the grid through soft loading shedding has also been conducted. A number of techniques such as data analytics, data science and engineering has been used for the research of numerous projects. Multiple projects within LUMS allow different departments to unite together and provide efficient and better solution for this energy problem. Collaboration with a number of government and private power sectors such as K-Electric, NEPRA, LESCO, IESCO, Planning commission and NTDC were made regarding numerous projects.

This institute works as a research centre, a think tank and a building ground for renewable energy in Pakistan.


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