Pakistan’s Electricity Outlook 2020-25 Release

LUMS Energy Institute released its maiden and groundbreaking report, Pakistan’s Electricity Outlook 2020-25 (the “Outlook”) on 29 January 2020, authored by Dr. Fiaz Chaudhry, Umer Farooq and Tayyab Chaudhry. After taking a critical stock of the current issues and challenges facing the power sector, the Outlook assesses the implications of continuing on a business-as-usual trajectory, and explores the scope and feasibility of an alternative set of options to correct the current course. It concludes by offering a set of practicable recommendations that the government can use to ameliorate the adverse impacts. It’s a pioneering effort in the country and will be the Institute’s flagship publication in the future. A decade of crippling spells of load shedding pushed for quick-build and arguably excessive capacity additions in the recent past, the power sector now faces a new, and no-less serious, challenge—a period of expensive capacity surplus. The report is available here.

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